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Perhaps in the stork's nest
And if amid the cabbages...
And the sun clouded over...
Chimera and Bellerophon
Mars and Aphrodite
The metamorphosis of Kafka
What remains
Fetus...tribute to Minassian
Don't flee, cowards and cowardly creatures
How beautiful is youth, that escapes you however...
Mother hope
Pan and Selen

Engraving Techniques

Concerning engraving, technique is fundamental to achieve a result. To be more exact, I’ve written “techniques” because, with regard to copperplate engraving, people can employ different techniques. In my case I’ve worked at the beginning “pointe seche” to continue  with “etching”  and,  at the end, with  “middle tint”. My subjects have been achieved handling copper matrixes and then printing on one’s own with a “star”- press.