A selection of paintings

Pre-eminently classical painting is painting in oils. In my  case, I try to join brightness of  oil with a research of different supports: from canvas to painting table, or even to cardboard, which enable a different output. However, even in this case, I begin working in pencil to continue with a first colouring or to proceed  shading off  in tempera or in acrylic and, at the end, I paint on oil.


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The Sons of
The violator of Luxor
in the Temple
The Agony
of Man...
Serenity is Love's Sister
Prometheus's Torture
In Homer's
Siegfried and the Dragon
Aphrodite's birth
In Dedalus' Labyrinth
The Medusa's glance
The apes' man
To the roots of the wealth
David and Goliath
Heracles and Deianira
The crusader
Everything this will be yours
Beauty and the Beast
The judgement of Paris
Three graces
The power of Cleopatra
Without Pieta
The third day
Ulysses and the sirens
The fall of Icarus
Deadly struggle
Release of Andromeda
Heracles kill Nessus