Concerning engraving, technique is fundamental to achieve a result. To be more exact, I’ve written “techniques” because, with regard to copperplate engraving, people can employ different techniques. In my case I’ve worked at the beginning “pointe seche” to continue with “etching” and, at the end, with “middle tint”. My subjects have been achieved handling copper matrixes and then printing on one’s own with a “star”- press.



I was charmed by the idea to represent one of the great renown stories that have ever been written.
I deliberately escaped to seek for examples or iconographies on this theme because I didn’t want to be influenced by them, obviously apart from a very little knowledge of some texts.
I hope to have succeeded in giving a new and, at the same time, a classical form to Herakles’s myth, extraordinary example of supeman who, even if is mortal, is able to achieve the most unbelievable exploits, showing the Olympus’s Gods that mankind has freed itself from their presence.